Your Kids'
First Email

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What is Maily?

E-mail re-invented for kids

Kids create emails using five tools adapted to their needs: pencils, brushes, photos, backgrounds, stamps and their own words.



The paint brush lets kids to freely express themselves on white canvas, and unleash their creativity in their own e-mails.


This pencil is ideal for kids to share their thoughts in their own words, or use it to draw anything they want.

Take photos

With the Maily camera, kids can take instant shots and add, rotate and scale them into any e-mail they are creating.


Over 30 amazing backgrounds to apply themes in their e-mails. If it’s their birthday or if they are leaving on vacation, Maily has the tools to create the mood for any story they want to tell.

Place stamps

With over 30 cool stamps, carefully designed for kids, they can create stories in their e-mail.

Much more to come

Stay tuned for many exciting new features

Their own inbox & contacts

Kids have their own inbox where they receive mails from friends and family, and can reply right away.


Their own personal inbox allows them to view and reply to e-mails from their friends and family


When their e-mail is created, they can easily send it to mom and dad, their grandparents or close friends


The safest e-mail ever

Maily accounts are created and supervised by you, the parents.

You decide with whom your children can communicate. 


Create account

Create a parent account and add your kids’ Maily account.

Add contacts

You can add any of your kids’ friends and family to their Maily account.

You can add contacts by e-mail, facebook or any other Maily user.


Supervise your kids' email activity on your personalized dashboard, accessible on your regular browser. 

Add Maily contacts

Add any Maily user, so your kid can send app-to-app e-mails.

Receive copy e-mails

You may opt to receive a copy of every mail, sent or received, and choose to approve or reject it before it’s sent or read by your kid.

Start mailing with your kids!

Maily for iPad is designed to serve kids’ needs. Parents and contacts can reply from their Maily dashboard.


E-mail notifications

Any e-mail sent to you will arrive on your regular e-mail account. To reply, just login to your Maily dashboard.

Kid-friendly replies

Replies are especially designed to appeal to kids, in a visual and colourful manner.