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Maily in the press

Maily launches on the iPad to make email fun,simple and secure for your child

By Matt Brian, The Next Web - July 25 2012 

Maily launches an iPad email app for children aged four and up

By Stuart Dredge, The Guarian Tech - July 25 2012

Maily For iPad Is Your Kids’ First Email Application

By Sarah Perez, Techcrunch - July 25 2012

Maily Launches iPad App to Help Kids Email, Before They Can Read and Write

By Darrell Etherington, Betakit - July 25 2012

Maily: The App That Introduces Email to Your 4-Year-Old

By Neha Prakash, Mashable - August 3 2012

The 50 best children's apps for smartphones and tablets

By Stuart Dredge, The Guardian - August 4 2012 

Top 25 iPad Apps for Kids

By Catherine Sharick, TIME - September 4 2012